Hair Bundles Vs Hair Wigs: Which To Choose?

Now fake hair is very trendy. They are easy to care for and manage. If you are using any extension, wig, or hair bundles then you will be more relaxed styling them with hot appliances as you can achieve your desired hairstyle without damaging your natural hair. Additionally, they come with pre-style also such as you can get loose wave bundles or body wave bundles.

If you are planning to go with these types of protective hairstyles then the first decision that you have to make is whether you need to buy a hair wig or the hair bundle. You must have heard both of them but may not know exactly the difference and what is best for you. The given article describes how hair bundles and hair wigs are different from each other along with their pros and cons so you can decide easily what is best for you.

Hair Bundles

Hair bundles are the choice that is made when you need a long-term protective hairstyle. There are a lot of reasons that describe why you should prefer hair bundles over wigs. Simply, they are the best hairstyle fuller. If you have bought hair bundles then they will run for 6 to 12 months easily regardless of the method you have selected.

For the installation of hair bundles, you can use an adhesive like glue or tape or can rely on a sew-in method. One of the main advantages that you can get with hair bundles is that you have a lot of styling options such as you can select whether you need long hair or loose wave hair. You can also highlight or dye them according to your choice.

You can reuse them according to the available situations. Just like natural hairs you can color them or highlight them or just cut them down. You do not have to worry about the shedding of hair bundles like in the case of wigs. If it is properly installed then they will never shed off. You need to take care of them and then you can enjoy your hair bundle for years.

The only negative side of a hair bundle is that they are quite expensive and while doing the hairstyle you have to put in a little bit more effort as compared to a wig.


  • Can be styled differently
  • Last longer for up to 6 to 12 months easily
  • Prove to be hairstyles fuller
  • Can be reusable
  • Can provide you with a customized look


  • Costly as compared to hair wig
  • Need extra effort to style

Hair Wigs

There is some equipment that is specifically designed for emergencies and we can say hair wigs are one of them. It lets you wake up and wear the hair and you are ready to go. They are easy to maintain as compared to natural hairs. You can simply wash them and then comb them.

They can also reduce the risk of hair issues like you do not have to deal with split ends, detangled hair, or a bad hair day. Once you have put on your wig it will stay perfect all day. The only negative side that you have to face in the case of wigs is that they can cause hair loss if fitted too tightly. Additionally, when you are wearing it you have to take care of your head otherwise it will slip off or shed off.


  • Easy and fast installation
  • East to maintain and look after
  • Goodbye to hair issues
  • Wigs stay perfect for all the day


  • Tightly fit wigs are irritating and can cause hair loss
  • Need extra care while wearing

Ending Remarks

When it comes to getting a hair wig or a bundle there are a lot of things that you need to consider. For instance, a hair wig is a good option for day-to-day use but hair bundles are right for long-term use. Hair bundles take time to install. Once installed you do not have to take care but it is needed in the case of a wig. There are some other things that are described above in the article.



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