What are Parking Lots Lights? Their Types and Advantages

Parking lot lights are commonly used in designated parking areas, also known as outdoor lights. These lights are fixed to poles in parking areas. For this whole procedure, there are some key points to remember while installing parking lot lights in the area.

Lights for parking areas are required in huge areas, on buildings on roads, and mostly in public and private areas. Use uniform illumination for safety purposes security and vehicle verification in restricted areas.

With the help of uniform, beam spread light and low glare LED areas and site lighting you can help control crime in public areas. There are numerous uses for parking lights in our daily life. Here Revolve LED offers high-quality led area lights for parking.

These LED lights consume less energy than other light materials, like HID lights with lower maintenance and longer use. Help in improving security is helpful for pedestrians at night and also plays a role in area beautification, like on highways.

Also, help in reducing road accident that is very common in our life. Here we are discussing parking lot lights, their pros and cons, and what type of parking lot lights are included, including the items used in LED areas and site lights.

How many types of LED Parking Lot Lights

There are many different LED lighting fixtures available for parking lots. While some parking lot lights provide general illumination for a complete parking lot or storefront other parking lot lights are mounted to posts or built into canopies to boost customer visibility in particular locations.

There is an LED parking lot lighting solution that is suitable for your structure, no matter what your parking lot lighting requirements are.

Poles and Bullhorns

Pole lights are solutions for parking lot illumination that can be mounted on high poles and posts. Bullhorns and LED pole lights are frequently seen on garage rooftops and in parking lots. To cover more ground with light, many opt to mount pole lights on higher posts.

Down lights

Strong parking lot lights called LED down lights are generally recessed into ceilings to give them a subtle appearance. Both indoor and outdoor lighting can be provided by down lights.

Area Lights

People wandering at night may be at risk for injury due to the surrounding terrain’s illumination from area parking lots. LED area lights, for instance, can stop customers from tripping over signage, bushes, and other obstructions in the parking lot after dark.


To ensure pedestrian safety parking lots and driveways frequently have perimeter LED Bollard lights. Bollard LED parking lot lighting options come in square and rounder fixtures and they can reach heights of four feet.


Frequently found in gas stations, parking garages loading zones, and drive-through are LED canopy parking lot lights. Installed immediately overhead outdoor LED canopy lights offer people adequate lighting in outdoor spaces. Customers feel more secure at night because of canopy illumination.

Advantages of LED Lighting in Parking Garages

Reduced Power Use

Parking area one of the most energy-efficient lighting options on the market is known as LED lighting. Long-term use of LED parking lot lights will produce significant cost reductions.

Enhanced Security and Safety

For the security and well-being of your clients and employees having the appropriate LED parking lot lighting around your facility is also essential.

Greater Visibility

One of the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing LED parking lot lighting is visibility. Using LEDs for your parking lot will result in a significantly brighter atmosphere than was previously feasible with conventional lighting options due to their high output and efficient designs.


You may learn everything there is to know about parking lot lights and LED area lights in the article above and be able to choose the best LED area and site light for your parking area. Before buying, you must know about the pros and cons of the product.



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